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TikTak Designs believes supporting local, helps grow local.

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Using digital and physical marketing, Tik Tak Designs aims to provide organizations with marketing strategies and concepts tailored to their specific demographic and industry so they stay relevant in today’s market.


Tik Tak Designs’s purpose is to provide organizations with a map to their future success by using innovative marketing techniques.


Tik Tak Designs pursues excellence every single day by serving with integrity, speaking with honesty, and not compromising the truth. We are able to provide world-class service by supporting each other’s efforts, caring for one another, and being a team. We proudly support the communities in West Texas and surrounding regions as we continue to grow together.

The TikTak Team

TikTak Designs is full of wonderful people with personalities and is ready to help your company exceed its goals.

Website Design

From domain process to the final website design. We can do it all.


We can capture any event or film any commercial for your company.


We can shoot from air or ground, our photographers will capture even the smallest detail.


From a unique logo to social media, we can help your company be even bigger on all platforms.

Founded 2018

Ivan had the idea to bring the digital world to a little town called Seminole. So he brought in James, Roger, and Raymond to create TikTakDesigns.

2020: Rebrand

TikTakDesigns got bigger and rebranded to visualize their vision of helping businesses in various ways.

2021: Partnered with Hellagraphs

TikTakDesigns Partnered with Hellagraphs to provide good quality physical products.

2022: To infinity and Beyond

TikTakDesigns keeps getting bigger and better. It would be a privilege to help your business’s future.

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